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About us

We often describe it as a blog disclosure about technology, science, the Internet and much more, but the truth is that it is more complex than that: it has many notes of mood and other varied topics that interest us authors, such as astronomy and aviation, games of chance, the urban legends, the gadgets, large or small conspiracies or puzzles . We also publish reviews of books and movies, some personal experiences, our respective jobs or people nearby, and anything else we fancy.
The authors call us “a group of geeks ” or “crazy about technology.” We do this because we like a weblog and it amuses us. As a blog is somewhat craft is subject to all kinds of limitations and biases; the most obvious is that annotations often incorporate personal assessments, touches of humor sometimes strangers or the fact of having something or make it entertaining and fun sometimes prevails over rigor. This is not the New York Times nor the Scientific American : it is a blog written by ordinary people in a language close, with the advantages and disadvantages of all involved.